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June 21, 2013

My name is Daniel and I’m currently working on Choqok the awesome Micro Blogging Client for KDE.

My first contribution was a bug fix for Dolphin short before the KDE 4.9 release when I fixed a regression in the Places panel.
On which tasks am I working at the moment?
Since last week Twitter shut down the old api version 1.0 and only 1.1 is supported until now. Sadly this new version isn’t supported by Choqok yet.
So I picked that task up and worked on it. Now we are near the point where we can release a working Choqok again.
Next to go is which will probably stop working by the end of this week because they switch from StatusNet to, which isn’t supported yet by Choqok.
Future plans I would like to work on:
  • Make Choqok ready for Qt5
  • New UI completly in QML
  • Adding support for Google+ (maybe Facebook if you wish)

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  1. So good to know that you’re working on it! Choqok is my client of choice and it’s very annoying that Twitter changed its API from under it.

  2. Julia permalink

    Awesome! Thank you for your hard work! :)

  3. Hey good news!!
    I miss Choqok so much !! ;)
    Thanks for your work for the community !!
    Have fun!

  4. Anon permalink

    Thanks for your work on Choqok – I was really missing it, and the new version from git works like a charm :)

  5. ktux permalink

    I’ve built choqok on Kubuntu 12.04 and 13.04 with your last git commit this evening. Regarding twitter all is fine ! Thank you !

  6. Thanks a lot. I’m choqok at present. Please work on Google+ and Facebook too. Keeping track of multiple social sites (logging in and out) is really painful and time consuming. Good luck!

  7. Anand R permalink

    Thanks Daniel. Appreciate your efforts, been eagerly waiting for an update on twiiter api fix. Really, I havent used twitter much after chopok issue. God speed your work! :-)

  8. Hello ¿ Isn’t a better idea to colaborate with this project ?

  9. Hi Daniel, thanks for your work in choqok. I love this software!

    Well, I would like support to and Friendica. =)

    Please, send complete feed to Planet KDE. ;)


    • Hi Filipe,

      thanks for the feedback, I changed my settings of the blog and in future it should provide the complete feed on Planet KDE

  10. Markus S. permalink

    Facebook support would be great. Outside of a halo around Linus Tirvalds no one uses G+.

    • That’s not completly true. There are many prominent people who f.e. provide Hangouts to show new albums of their music.

      • Markus S. permalink

        Choqok is not a Hangouts client. It’s for posting. Lurking on Hangouts is not the same as posting on G+. Twitter and FB are way more popular in this regard than G+.

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