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Twitter images in Choqok

with images

Hello planet.

Not long ago I stumbled over [1] where someone wanted to have images of tweets from Twitter in Choqok. Since I find the image preview in the official twitter app on my Android / iOS devices quite nice I thought, this couldn’t be that difficult to do. After a short search on Google I found the API needed to get the images from Twitter so I included it.

This was the first time with bigger UI changes for me. Ok no real changes but I had to include the image somehow inside the current widget for each tweet as well as download the images from the Twitter servers.

Currently the changes are on Reviewboard but once they are reviewed they will be available for everyone. This would also be a good point for a new version release.

Which changes will come to Choqok 1.5 as well? Currently there is a new plugin for (The new backend API for developed and maintained by Andrea Scarpino

Before I end this post here are two screenshots (before and after)

without images with images

That’s it for now.


Choqok 1.4 released!

Hey guys,

On 1st of September a new version of the micro blogging client Choqok has been released. 
With this version, Twitter should work again.
For more details about the release see the release notes [1].
Have fun with the new version.

Hello Planet

My name is Daniel and I’m currently working on Choqok the awesome Micro Blogging Client for KDE.

My first contribution was a bug fix for Dolphin short before the KDE 4.9 release when I fixed a regression in the Places panel.
On which tasks am I working at the moment?
Since last week Twitter shut down the old api version 1.0 and only 1.1 is supported until now. Sadly this new version isn’t supported by Choqok yet.
So I picked that task up and worked on it. Now we are near the point where we can release a working Choqok again.
Next to go is which will probably stop working by the end of this week because they switch from StatusNet to, which isn’t supported yet by Choqok.
Future plans I would like to work on:
  • Make Choqok ready for Qt5
  • New UI completly in QML
  • Adding support for Google+ (maybe Facebook if you wish)

Hello world!

this is my first blog post ever.

In this blog post I will try to explain, what posts will appear from time to time.

I’m a developer who tried a few times to become active in some of the major linux software projects like Mageia, Ubuntu (worked for a few weeks in the Ubuntu beginner team) or KDE.

But always because of low time I had to step back from these projects for some time.

Now I will give it another try. In july this year I had my first code contribution to KDE, especially to the Dolphin file manager, where I fixed a regression in Dolphin 2.1 a few weeks before KDE 4.9 got released.

What kind of regression am I talking about? When adding a new folder to places, the name which appeared was the one of the parent directory instead of the name of the directory you added to Dolphin. This was a one line fix and easy to find and fix.

But as mentioned earlier time for working on KDE run short again because I was near to finishing my study of computer science at the University of Science in Bingen (Germany) and my bachelor thesis had to be finished.

Now that my study is finished and I started working I will get more time for working on open source software in the future.

Because I will finish this post I want to summarize on what I’m currently working on.

I’m building KDE from source now to get a working development environment again and after that I will have a look at¬†and find some easy tasks to work on.

I will blog on the things I work on as I find the time for it.


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